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The Complete L'Oiseau Lyre FLORILEGIUM Series - 202 titles comprising 281 LPs

L'OISEAU LYRE: The Complete FLORILEGIUM Series on LP -  202 titles comprising 281 LPs


Launched in 1973, the L'Oiseau Lyre FLORILEGIUM series was a mainstay of the wordldwide early music catalogue and published over 200 issues until the LP format was abandoned in favour of CD in the late 1980s.  With their distinctive white sleeves and grey borders framing a colour reproduction of paintings contemporaneous with the music on each disc, the artistic and musical credo of the company was 'based on the most recent research into the original texts, instrumentation and performing styles of each period'. Since L'Oiseau Lyre persevered with vinyl longer than most major record companies, the last LP issues in the series date from 1989, offering a 15 year perspective on music ranging from the Medieval to the Romantic periods.

Vinyl:  NM 

Sleeves & Boxes:  generally EX+ with a few slightly below this level, graded as EX 

Leaflets: NM / EX+

Unfortunately I have been unable to find a good copy of the Hogwood Beethoven 7 LP, so I have substituted the CD version until a good copy of the LP turns up. Disc and jewel case are NM.

This omission means that the whole series numbers 203 titles comprising 282 LPs.

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