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THE EMI ASD 4 DIGIT SERIES - Part 1 - a selection of 96 LPs

ASD 2251 ...... ASD 4100  The EMI ASD 4 digit series was launched in 1966 after the Company abandoned the 3 digit numbering system that had ushered in their first stereo recordings in 1958 and which ran from ASD 251 through to ASD 655. Retaining the familiar red & black semi circle label of the latter day 3 digit issues, the 4 digit series ran from ASD 2251 through to ASD 4100 and beyond, taking in the publication of Melodiya stereo recordings from Soviet Russia in 1968, the signing up of a formidable roster of new and established artists, the advent of digital recording and the transfer of its UK pressing plant to Germany. The catalogue eventually numbered over 1800 recordings and underwent several label changes before the series petered out around 1983.

This first random selection of 96 LPs will be one of several and will feature many famous EMI recordings as well as many less familiar issues. 

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