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QUADRAPHONIC CORNER Classical Music on Vinyl LP 

This listing features many of the earliest quadraphonic LPs, particularly those which are  denoted as such by SQ logos, specially designed sleeves, poly lined inners and with catalogue numbers announcing their quadraphonic status. Introduced in 1972 as the newest and best form of audio reproduction on LP, the idea of quadraphonic sound failed to catch on with the record buying public. Few collectors had invested in the SQ decoder and the extra pair of speakers needed to realise the potential of the new medium and within a year or two the record companies quietly dropped the prominent SQ livery, although they continued to encode new releases quadraphonically. Right up to the advent of digital recording in 1979 / 80 many LP sleeves bore the designation stereo/quadraphonic, but the major companies had long since resigned themselves to the fact that SQ was one technological improvement collectors would not embrace. 

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